SISC Award

The Italian Society for Climate Sciences aims to encourage and promote the involvement of young researchers to contribute to the advancement of scientific research.
To this end, during the Annual SISC Conference, authors under 40 will be awarded for a paper that, among all the works presented, will be deemed particularly worthy in the opinion of the Scientific Committee.

The 2014 SISC Award for young scientists (book vouchers – 500 euro, offered by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) was assigned to:


G. Messori, Stockholm University
with the paper

A Zonal View of Atmospheric Heat Transport Variability


Moreover, honorable mentions went to:

  • V. Bacciu – CMCC / UNISS, with the paper ”Fires in the perspective of future changes: the contribute of CMCC to FUME Project
  • J. Emmerling (FEEM), with the paper “Sharing of Climate Risks across Macro Regions
  • E. Scoccimarro (INGV/CMCC), with the “Tropical cyclone rainfall changes in response to a warmer climate and increased CO2


The Award Ceremony took place in the last plenary session of the Conference, September 30, 2014 – h.15.30 pm (Room S. Trentin, first floor).