Parallel Sessions

Parallel sessions of the scientific presentations at the SISC Second Annual Conference are grouped in four topics. Authors are asked to read the presenters’ guidelines, containing information on the presentation of their works.

Download the Program of the Conference here



  • Mitigation Policies & Strategies
    • Climate change mitigation strategies
    • Low carbon finance
    • Energy technologies and policies
    • Air quality and carbon reduction policies
    • Old and new market mechanisms


  • Advances in Climate Science
    • Climate variability & climate change I
    • Climate variability & climate change II
    • GHG & solar variability: past and future
    • Climate data: management & analysis
    • Data analysis & modelling over Italy


  • Vulnerability, Risk Assessment and Adaptation to Climate Change
    • Economic value of adaptation strategies
    • Risk assessment
    • Adaptation policies and strategies
    • Water Management


  • Impacts & Implications of Climate Change
    • Methods for assessment/quantification of climate change impacts
    • Impacts on ecosystems, food and agriculture
    • Impacts on energy, health and cultural heritage
    • Hydrological Risk