The conference: topics and information

The Second Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences will take place on September 29-30, 2014 at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The conference, entitled Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Policy aims to involve scientists, researchers and policy makers, whose activities are focused on different aspects of climate change, its impacts and related policies.



Develop a platform for sharing and discussing between the different disciplines that study climate dynamics and their interactions with the environment and society;

Promote a constructive and transdisciplinary dialogue between scientists, policy makers, service providers and the general public;

Foster scientific dialogue on mitigation policies and sustainable growth;

Deepen the understanding of climate change impacts and the best adaptation strategies.



1. Advances in Climate Science 

2. Impacts on ecosystem services and on cultural heritage 

3. Mitigation 

4. Hydrological risk 

5. Food security

6. Human health

7. Adaptation



The SISC Annual Conference is open to scientists, researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, associations and experts. The participation of young researchers and doctorates is particularly welcome.

Participants are asked to pay a registration fee. Go to the Registration page for details.