Institutional Membership Directory

Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC)
The Italian Research Center on climate science and policy: integrated, multi-disciplinary and frontier research for understanding, controlling and adapting to Climate Change. Member since: January 2013

Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA)
Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA) is a scientific and moral non-profit organization which aims to support public and private entities in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. The constant collaboration with local authorities allowed FLA to acquire a wide-ranging knowledge for supporting specific policies for the governance of the territory. Member since: February 2014

Italian Aerosol Society (IAS)
The Italian Aerosol Society (IAS) is member of the European Aerosol Assembly (EEA) and gathers researchers, professionals, and students dealing with atmospheric aerosols science. The Society includes people who believe that an exchange of information and experiences is the way to enhance individual and professional growth and a necessary condition for scientific progress within our community. We are also convinced that the complex field of atmospheric aerosols, with important scientific, health, and environmental implications (and therefore economic and social as well), requires contributions from the many diverse areas of expertise that represent “all the souls in the world of particulate matter”. The main objective of IAS are: promote research on aerosols considering all the scientific aspects; promote the dissemination of interdisciplinary information relating to the scientific sector of the aerosol through meetings between members of the Association and the public, and publications; encourage international cooperation and information exchanges related to the same sector; promote initiatives aimed at greater dissemination of knowledge of aerosol questions and the training of new researchers in this field of research. Member since: June 2019

Società Meteorologica Italiana (SMI)
Italian Meteorological Society gathers about 1000 members among professionals, students and amateurs, it’s the main and oldest meteorological association in Italy (it was established in 1865 thanks to the activity of the Barnabite meteorologist Francesco Denza) and it joined European Meteorological Society in 1999. Its mission is: popularization of meteorological and climate change informations, climate-related and environmental research, safeguard of ancient meteorological observatories, publication of the biannual “Nimbus” journal (since 1993), founded and edited by Luca Mercalli following the former “Bullettino” of Italian Meteorological Society. Member since: April 2015

Regione Lombardia
Regione Lombardia con 10 milioni di residenti è la regione più popolosa d’Italia e rappresenta circa il 16,5 % del totale della popolazione nazionale.
Tra le politiche ambientali della Lombardia quelle relative al cambiamento climatico assumono un ruolo di primo piano, con azioni specifiche sul tema della mitigazione dei gas climalteranti sia sul tema dell’adattamento.
Sul versante della mitigazione ha assunto impegni volontari di ridurre le emissioni climalteranti di almeno l’80% entro il 2050 con un percorso di raggiungimento di tale obiettivo graduale e condiviso nei prossimi anni (-20% al 2020 e – 40% al 2030).
Parallelamente sul fronte dell’adattamento, ha adottato nel 2014 una propria Strategia Regionale di Adattamento e nel dicembre 2016 il Piano Regionale per l’Adattamento al Cambiamento Climatico, che contengono un impegno a rendere l’economia e la società lombarda sempre più resilienti di fronte agli impatti del clima che cambia. Member since: April 2017