NEWS/ Climate change adaptation in irrigation water management

In December 2012, the ICARUS project, coordinated by CMCC and ISPRA, came to completion.

ICARUS is an applied research project, funded under the IWRMnet 2nd Common Call. ICARUS explored first scenarios of change, then drivers and processes of change, and finally it assessed an array of (autonomous and planned) adaptation options in the agricultural sector in three case studies in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

The project highlighted the crucial role that an in-depth analysis of autonomous adaptation at farm level and factors influencing farmers’ choices play in an effective policy design to mainstream climate change into rural development – and other – plans.

The main output of the project is an online decision support system, mDSSweb, for the integrated management of supply and demand for water resources.
mDSSweb is a valuable tool for policy-makers, as it is highly flexible, easily adaptable to different contexts, and its online nature allows the involvement of hundreds of stakeholders, whose view are crucial for the success of policy design and implementation. Moreover, it permits the overcoming of temporal and spatial barriers, simplifies linguistic barriers, and eases knowledge and experience transfer.


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