NEWS/ ICCG Think Tank Map: new website

The International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) has launched the new website of the Think Tank Map, an observatory that provides an overview on the think tanks active in the field of climate change governance.

Through an interactive world map, this tool makes it possible to see which organizations are working in the main fields related to climate governance all over the world. The new website presents a novel structure that allows a wide range of searches to be performed, as it is now possible to search not only think tanks, but also their projects. There is a new section presenting a series of statistics about think tanks updated in real-time.

Major focus has been given to the Think Tank Ranking, a ranking based on a novel methodology developed by ICCG to evaluate think tanks active in the field of climate change that is being launched at the moment, and to the Think Tank Award, that will be presented to the organizations leading the rankings.

The Think Tank Map allows think tanks to present their own research activities through an instrument targeted to a specialized public. The constant changes in think tanks are matched by continuous updates to the Observatory, thus transforming it into a barometer that reflects how think tanks’ influence on policy makers is evolving. The Think Tank Map aims to become a complete overview of every authoritative think tank active in the field of climate change governance.

The Think Tank Map is available at the following address:
If you would like to suggest a think tank, or to insert the data about your Organization, please fill in the on-line form.