Best Poster Award

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2023 Annual Conference

2023 Annual Conference – Best Poster Award

This year the Best poster Award has been assigned as an aexquo.
The winners are:
Amigo PosterPublic communication of science with territorial relevance: Challenges and learnings from an experience of climate change adaptation
Author(s): R. Fuster, M. Fleischmann, Catalina Amigo, M. Billi, R. Bórquez, M. Cuevas, C. Escobar, Í. Irarrázabal, H. Moya, J. Rauld, K. Silva
Motivation: Due to the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change risks, collaboration with communities, stakeholders and end users has never been so important. The work of Catalina AMIGO represents an excellent example of managing risk and building resilience through a co-construction approach, which takes into consideration shared and synergic objectives and builds upon a timely and transparent dialogue based on territorial and cultural peculiarities towards the integration of different forms of knowledge, allied to respond to the challenges we have ahead.
Merlo PosterA pan-European analysis of drought events and impacts
Author(s): Martina Merlo, M. Giuliani, Y. Du, I. Pechlivanidis, A. Castelletti
Motivation: This study highlights the role of new technologies in advancing the studies on the impacts of droughts on a large scale. The proposed methodology is scalable and introduces novel indices integrating impacts, thus better capturing the complexity of climate risk. The poster is clear and captivating and responds to the urgent need to communicate positive and inspiring outlooks.