NEWS/ Best Climate Practices, a new observatory on the climate actions

Best Climate Practices is a new platform developed by the ICCG (International Center for Climate Governance) which aims to  give a complete overview of what we are doing in concrete for facing climate change while posing an accent on the wide range of possibilities that, if implemented by politics, economics, institutions, enterprises and researchers, could easily make the difference.

Through an interactive world map, the observatory makes it possible to locate the best practices and evaluate which geographical regions and which sectors deserve more attention.

Users are strongly encouraged to be actively involved in the development of the platform submitting new practices, being these the result of a research or brand new ideas, and rating the best ones. In fact, throughout a qualitative poll, users are able to rate the best practices depending on their:

• originality
• implementation capability in different geographic regions and social contexts
• realisation costs
• potential benefits.

Giving users the possibility of rating the practices contained in the platform allows our team to understand the level of approval for some specific projects, thereby their replicability potential, while granting visibility to the main practices’ authors. Through their votes, users will contribute to the formation of a top chart and the election of the Users’ Choice Award.

In the meantime, a panel of experts coming from universities and international organisations will assign the Experts’ Choice Award.

The Best Climate Practices represents the starting point for a series of reports and studies, available in the Reports section, and a useful tool for the creation of a network to discuss and share new viewpoints and proposals.

The website can be accessed through the following link: