Social Event


A conference dinner is organised on Wed 23 October 2019.
The social dinner will be held at Rotari Wine Cellar in Mezzocorona (TN) about 20-30 minutes by bus from Trento.

All participants who have registered for the Conference dinner will be taken by bus from a meeting point in Piazza Dante in front of the Conference Venue to the Rotari Wine Cellar.
At the end of the dinner (at around 23.00), buses will take participants to Piazza Dante.

The Rotari Wine Cellars are the space used to host events and celebrations made available by the Mezzacorona Group which represents one of the most important companies in the Trentino wine and fruit sector.

The Cellars take their name from one of its finest products, the Rotari, an elegant and contemporary sparkling wine forged by the mountain climate.

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