Poster session

The Poster Session will be held on September 24th, 2013 at 12 a.m. – 1:30 p.m and at 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Authors are asked to read the presenters’ guidelines, containing information on the production, the presentation and the removal of their works.  View the full programme of the SISC First Annual Conference.


Advances in Climate Science

Intrinsic variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: low-frequency fluctuations in the Argentine Basin flow
S. Pierini – Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope

GNSS Analysis for Meteorological Applications and Climate Monitoring in the Mediterranean Area 
B. Pace – E-GEOS S.p.A., ASI / Centro di Geodesia Spaziale

Study of aerosol – water vapor – clouds interaction at CNR-IMAA Atmospheric Observatory
F. Madonna – CNR-IMAA

ACTRIS for coordinated long-term observation of aerosols, cloud-aerosol interactions, and trace gases in Europe
G. Pappalardo. Poster presented by F. Madonna – CNR

Space-borne measurements of carbon dioxide distribution: inverse modelling and data fusion techniques
U. Cortesi – IFAC-CNR

Time Series Analyses of Climatological Records from a High Altitude Observatory in Southern Italy (Montevergine, AV)
G. Budillon – Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope

Recent trends in daily temperature extremes over the Basilicata Region, Southern Italy (1951 – 2010)
A. Pasini – CNR

Observed long term trend and low-frequency variability of spring discharge timing in the main Alpine rivers
 M. Zampieri. Poster presented by E. Scoccimarro – CMCC

Long term atmosphere-surface trasnfer studies in Salento Peninsula: a database
P. Martano – CNR-ISAC

Statistical modelling of sequences of no rainy days
E. Ferrari – Università della Calabria

Mesoscale biological-physical interactions in the Sardinian Sea
S. Bonamano – UNITUS

Is global warming causing mass mortalities in the Mediterranean Sea upper layer?
I. Rivetti – Università del Salento

High resolution coastal monitoring during the sea breeze event
R. Martellucci – UNITUS

Relationship between sahel rainfall and Mediterranean summer climate
R. D’Agostino – Università del Salento / CMCC

Multivariate analysis for the influence of climate change on maritime structures design
G. Salvadori – Università del Salento


Implications on ecosystem services

Assessing environmental impacts of climate change at the regional scale to provide adaptation services: the Decision support System for Coastal climate change impact assessment (DESYCO)
S. Torresan – CMCC-ISC

Fluctuation in spatial patterns in semi-arid ecosystems under pressure 
R. Corrado – Università del Salento

Application of the 3D-CMCC FEM (Three Dimension Forest Ecosystem Model) on multi-temporal NDVI satellite imagery and future scenarios 
A. Collalti. Poster presented by A. Di Paola – CMCC

Are Cereals in Globally Trouble?
E. De Cian. Poster presented by F. Bosello – FEEM / CMCC

Assessing future land suitability of winter wheat crop 
V. Mereu – UNISS / CMCC

Impact of drought on crop production: the Agricultural Regions from the Po river Basin case study 
S. Santato. Poster presented by L. Carrera – FEEM

Water scarcity, climate change, and food security: challenges for the future 
 N. Mancosu. Poster presented by D. Spano – UNISS / CMCC

An analysis of the fire danger regime in Italy 
F. Masala. Poster presented by C. Sirca – UNISS / CMCC

A modelling framework to estimate CO2 fluxes under urban development scenarios 
S. Marras – UNISS / CMCC


Climate Policy and Economic Assessment

The Cost of Climate Change Inaction in the EU. A CGE Approach
 R. Pierfederici. Poster presented by F. Bosello – FEEM

The informative role of farmers’ perceptions of change for the development of robust climate change adaptation policies – a case study from Italy
L. Bonzanigo. Poster presented by C. Giupponi – CMCC / FEEM

Evaluation of flood disaster risk in the Polesine sub-region
M. Amadio. Poster presented by L. Carrera – FEEM / CMCC

Adaptation strategies at river basin district scale: the Po river basin experience
L. Carrera – FEEM / CMCC